3D Secure result tab

3D Secure, also called "Visa Secure" by Visa, "Mastercard Identity check" by Mastercard and "Safekey" by American Express is an international protocol standard used to secure online transactions.

The principle of 3D Secure consists in asking the buyer, in addition to the usual bank details (bank card number, expiry month and year, CVV code - if the card has one), to provide additional information that is not linked to the card to make sure that the buyer is the owner of the payment method. In most cases it is a one-time confidential code communicated by e-mail or by SMS for each new transaction. If this information is not correctly filled in by the buyer, the transaction ends.

Its purpose is to:

  • Reduce fraud for merchants,
  • Secure payments for buyers.

3D Secure authentication consists of two phases:

  • Verification of the cardholder's enrollment,
  • Authentication of the cardholder.

Each phase includes several results.

The diagram below illustrates the principle of the 3D Secure authentication:

Figure 1. Illustration of the two phases

Thus, depending on the results returned during each of these two phases, the payment gateway provides several profiles to trigger actions.