Advanced risk assessment module

The Lyra Collect payment gateway is a highly secure PCI-DSS certified payment solution. All payment attempts are systematically followed by an authorization request sent to the bank of the cardholder. If the merchant is enrolled for Visa, MasterCard or American Express, the payment process also involves 3D Secure authentication.

However, distance sales present a risk of outstanding payments detrimental for your business.

In order to provide reinforced security to the merchant, the Advanced risk assessment feature has been added to the payment gateway.

This feature allows to:

  • minimize the risk of outstanding payments by rejecting transactions considered fraudulent,
  • add controls in the event of suspected fraud.

The Advanced risk assessment feature provides a flexible custom service to help you fight against fraud. The provided filters enable you to define the preventive actions depending on the level of the risk and the specifics of your business without penalizing your sales. The advanced risk assessment may be configured based on the previously encountered risks or problems with fraud. You can adapt your rules depending on your buyers' profiles and the performed transactions.