Disabling 3DS1 below a certain amount

  1. Select the Configuration tab.
  2. Define the shop’s 3D Secure enabled by default behavior.
  3. Select the Amount tab.
  4. Select Minimum amount limit control.
  5. Click the Enable button.
    The green bar indicates that the profile is activated.
  6. Enter the minimum transaction amount. AN action will be triggered if the transaction amount is lower than the specified amount.
  7. Specify the currency that applies to the transaction amount.
  8. Select the action Disable 3D Secure.
    This action will allow:
    • In 3DS1: to not perform cardholder authentication,
    • In 3DS2: to not express a specific preference concerning the authentication ("No Preference").

      If the issuer decides to perform an authentication without interaction (frictionless), the payment will be guaranteed.

  9. Click Save at the bottom of the page.