Transmitting shipping details

The Merchant can transmit the buyer’s shipping details (e-mail address, phone number etc.).

This information can be found in the transaction details in the Expert Back Office (Delivery tab).

Field name Description Value

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_city


City E.g.: Bordeaux

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_country


Country code in compliance with the ISO 3166 standard.

Must imperatively be transmitted for triggering one or more actions if the Shipping country control profile is enabled.

E.g.: FR

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_district

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.district

District E.g.: La Bastide

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_first_name

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.firstName

First name E.g.: John

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_last_name

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.lastName

Name E.g.: Smith

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_legal_name

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.legalName

Legal name E.g.: D. & Cie

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_phone_num

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.phoneNumber

Phone number E.g.: 0460030288

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_state

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.state

State / Region E.g.: Nouvelle Aquitaine

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_status

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.status

Allows to specify the type of the shipping address. PRIVATE: for shipping to a private individual

COMPANY: for shipping to a company

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_street_number

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.streetNumber

Street number E.g.: 2

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_street

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.address

Postal address E.g.: Rue Sainte Catherine

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_street2

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.address2

Second line of the address

Hosted Payment Page: vads_ship_to_zip

REST API: customer.shippingDetails.zipCode

Zip code E.g.: 33000


The vads_ship_to_phone_num field supports all formats:

  • 0123456789
  • +33123456789
  • 0033123456789
  • (00.571) 638.14.00
  • 40 41 42 42