Background image customization

The background image of the payment pages can be customized with an image of your choice.


To simply change the color of the background, use the Background setting via the Colors group.

To add an image:

  1. Display the Background group to view all the available customizations.
  2. Click on Import.
    The dialog box Import a new image appears.
  3. Select an image.
    The dialog box Import an image appears.
  4. Click on Browse to search for the image that you wish to import.
  5. Select the desired image.
    • The size of the image file must not exceed 1 Mb.
    • The accepted image formats are JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PGM and TIFF.
  6. Click on Import.
    The image is now displayed in the dialog box Import an image.
  7. Select the image that you wish to use for the background of payment pages.
  8. Click on Select.
    The position of the image is fixed by default. The image is aligned to the left top corner of the payment page.
    This position can be customized. To do this:
  9. Select a position that is different from original image from the list (image in its initial size - provided that it does not exceed the maximum width because in this case it is automatically resized) as:
    • Stretched image
      The image is stretched to fill the whole payment page. It covers the whole screen.
      It is fixed relative to the content.
    • Adaptive mobile image
      The image is adapted to the size of the navigation window. It covers the whole navigation window.
      It is mobile relative to the content and is fixed relative to the navigation window.
    • Tiled image
      The original image is repeated to fill the whole screen.
  10. Click on Save to validate your customization.