Colors customization

The colors of different areas of payment pages can be customized.

The color can be changed for the following elements:

  • Background
    Corresponds to the background.
  • Header and summary
    Corresponds to the payment page header.
  • Amount and buttons
    Corresponds to the transaction amount and the Validate button.
  • Payment zone
    Corresponds to the contextual area of the payment page (e.g. the selection, the entry of the payment method details, etc.).
  • Language selector
    Corresponds to the display language box.


Depending on the pages (refer to the drop-down list in the Preview options group), some of the changes may apply in a more extensive manner. Please verify any changes for each customized color in all payment pages, in particular for the installment (installments table) and split payment pages (partial payments made table).

  1. Display the Colors group to view all the available colors.
    Figure 1. Colors
  2. Click on the drop down arrow of the area that you wish to modify.
    The areas affected by this customization are indicated by a red box.
  3. Select the color. To do this, you can either:
    • click on a color,
    • enter a color code.
  4. Click on Save to validate your customization.