Elements position customization

By default, the elements are displayed in two columns.

It is possible to customize their display as follows:

  • Display all the elements in a single column.
  • Change the position of the elements on the horizontal and/or vertical axis.

To change the page layout:

  1. Display the Layout group to view all the customization options.
    Figure 1. Layout
  2. Select the mode for displaying elements:
    • One column
      The elements on payment pages will be displayed in one column, below one another.
    • Two columns
      Default display.
      The elements on payment pages will be organized in two columns.

      Note :

      However, with the advanced customization, if the width is not sufficient to support the display on two columns relative to the selected device, the display on a column will be automatically privileged.

  3. Customize the vertical position of the summary transaction (left column).
  4. Customize the vertical position of the contextual part of the payment page (right column).
  5. Adapt the position of elements to the width of the screen.
    Enable or disable the check box depending on the desired layout.
    If the parameter Use the full screen width is enabled, the parameter Full width is disabled.
  6. Click on Save to validate your customization.