Configuring the WhatsApp messages sent to the merchant

To use this service, please contact the the Middle Office to enable the necessary functions within your offer.

This rule allows to send the merchant a WhatsApp message when a payment initiated via a WhatsApp chatbot has been accepted.

This rule is disabled by default.

In the WhatsApp message sent to the merchant tab:

  1. Right-click WhatsApp message of confirmation destined to the Merchant.
  2. Select Manage the rule.
  3. In the General settings section, you can customize the label of the rule.
  4. In order to change the events that trigger the notification:
    1. Click the Rule conditions tab.
      A condition is composed of a variable, a comparison operator and a reference value.
      Example: "mode = TEST", "amount exceeding 1000". During the execution of a rule, the value of a variable is retrieved and compared to the reference value.
    2. Double-click on an existing condition to edit it.
    3. Click Add to create a new condition.
      All the conditions must be validated for the rule to be executed.
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Enable the rule by right-clicking WhatsApp message of confirmation destined to the Merchant and select Enable the rule.