Creating an order

The Merchant can specify the following information:

  • The order reference
    In case of using the notification URL (IPN), this information will be sent to the merchant website.
  • The mode of transaction validation.
  • The capture delay.
  • The expiry date of the order.
  • The amount to be paid.
  • The payment currency, from the list of currencies supported by the MIDs associated with the store.
  • The language in which the payment order will be sent.
  • The Buyer’s e-mail address used for sending the payment receipt.
  • The Buyer’s phone number.

If the store options allow it, the Merchant can:
  • Disable 3D Secure
    Note that as soon as the version 2 of the 3D Secure protocol is implemented, this parameter will be ignored.
  • Use the data collection form
    Thanks to this form, the Merchant can collect Buyer’s data (first name, last name, address, etc.).

Token creation during the payment: you have a choice between 3 options:
  • Do not create a token

    Default value. Allows to create a payment order without recording the payment method.

  • Offer the buyer to create a token

    Allows to display a checkbox on the payment page. If the Buyer ticks it, the payment method will be recorded and the token ID will be returned in the response (IPN and return to the shop).

  • Automatically create a token

    Allows to automatically record the payment method. The token ID will be returned in the response (IPN and return to the shop).

Clicking the Preview button enables you to view the message that will be sent to the Buyer.