General principle

The payment gateway provides two solutions:

  • create a payment order via the Expert Back Office (requires a connection to the Back Office),
  • quickly create a payment order via WhatsApp using a simple syntax that is easy to remember.

The second solution is based on the interaction between the merchant and the support service (chatbot).

2 modes are available:

  • “Classic” mode:
    The message is directly sent to the buyer’s WhatsApp account.
  • “Echo” mode:
    In echo mode, the message containing the payment link is sent to the merchant who will transmit it to the buyer via the channel of his or her choice (SMS, Messenger, Instagram, etc.).

The content of the messages and notifications has been validated by WhatsApp and cannot be changed.

Payment process

Since the payment gateway is certified by WhatsApp, its phone number appears as already known to the merchant and the buyers.

When the merchant sends a valid message, the buyer receives a message containing a valid payment link without having to accept the contact.

When the link is clicked, WhatsApp opens the default browser and displays the payment page: