Publishing the form online

Once the configuration process is complete, you can publish your form online.


When your shop is in TEST mode, you must systematically request the 1st online publishing by e-mail sent to the sales contact. This request is made automatically when you click the Request online publishing button provided for this purpose, which will appear instead of Publish online upon the first time.

Once the sales contact receives the e-mail, he or she will upload the data collection form online. This upload will simultaneously shift the shop into PRODUCTION.

You will be autonomous for the following online uploads once your shop is in PRODUCTION mode.

  1. In the Form management tab, click the Publish online button at the bottom of the page.
    The Online publishing of the form dialog box appears.


    Clicking the Publish online button automatically shifts the shop into Production mode. If the shop is in Test mode, it shifts into Production mode. If it is already in Production mode, nothing changes.

  2. Click Publish online.

    In case of successful upload, the information message appears.
    Your form is now available in production mode in Management > Configuration of the data collection form > [Your shop]. You also receive a confirmation e-mail.
    In case the upload fails, you can contact our technical support team and communicate the error message.


When an online upload is successfully completed, the additional (Copy the currently online form to the test environment) button appears. This button allows to copy the form in production and use it instead of the Test form, in order to be able to modify it.