Using the payment order creation wizard

Using the LINK keyword the Merchant will receive a link via WhatsApp that redirects him or her to the payment order creation wizard.

This wizard allows the Merchant to create a production payment order via a simplified user interface.


If the LINK keyword is used in the message, the other parameters are ignored.

The wizard has a life span of 10 min.

Creating a payment order via the wizard

  1. Select the shop that will receive the payment.
  2. Enter the amount to be paid.
  3. Select the payment currency.
  4. Enter the recipient’s phone number.
  5. Enter the Buyer’s e-mail address used for sending the payment receipt (optional).
  6. Enter the order number (optional).
  7. Enter the validity date of the order (optional).
  8. Check the Data collection form box if you wish to collect buyer data at the moment of the payment and if your shop has the required options.
  9. If your shop has the required options, you can request the deactivation of 3DS1.
  10. Click Send the order.

Once the order is sent, the link to the form expires and can no longer be used.