The “manual submission of a payment URL” service

The payment URL service allows:

  • to create a payment order,
  • to generate the payment URL, incorporated or not in a customizable message,

The merchant is responsible for sending the message or the payment URL.

Two statuses allow you to follow the payment order lifecycle:
  • Order status which defines if the order has been paid.
    Possible values:
    • In progress: no payment attempt detected.
    • Finalized : a payment attempt has occurred:
      • in green: the payment is accepted.
      • in red: the payment is refused.
    • Expired: the order expiry date is reached. The order has not been paid.
  • Delivery status which determines whether the order has been correctly transmitted to its recipient.
    Possible values:
    • Manual submission: Order initial status. The merchant must update it manually after sending the order.
    • Sent: The merchant has successfully transmitted the payment order and updated the status manually.