The “payment by phone” service

The payment by phone service consists in:

  • creating a payment order,
  • submitting the order ID to your buyer,
  • calling the buyer for finalizing the purchase.

It is the identifier that serves as a key to retrieve the payment order to allow the buyer to make the corresponding payment. The duration of its validity period is limited in time.

Two statuses allow you to follow the payment order lifecycle:
  • Order status which defines if the order has been paid.
    Possible values:
    • In progress: no payment attempt detected.
    • Finalized: a payment attempt has occurred.
      • in green: the payment is accepted
      • in red: the payment is refused
    • Expired: the order expiry date is reached. The order has not been paid.
  • Delivery status which determines whether the order has been correctly transmitted to its recipient.
    Possible values:
    • Waiting for call
    • Called
    • Failed