Reissuing a report

  1. In the Settings > Shop > Reports menu of your Expert Back Office:
  2. Open the tab of the desired report.
  3. In Regeneration of a report, click on Date of the report to be regenerated.
  4. Select the desired regeneration date.

    Warning: The reports of the day cannot be edited. Only the reports from the previous day or earlier are available.

  5. Click on the Regenerate report button.

    A dialog box appears asking you to confirm report regeneration on the selected date.

  6. Click Yes if you wish to confirm.

    A confirmation message appears to validate your request.

  7. Click Yes if you wish to confirm.

The report will be sent to the e-mail address specified in the General Settings section of the report configuration.

When you ask to regenerate a report, you cannot receive the file on the SFTP server.


  • During the re-edition, the system regenerates the report. As this operation can take several minutes, there is a 5-minute delay between 2 regeneration requests.
  • TEST reports are not resent when they are empty.
  • Financial reconciliation reports cannot be regenerated manually.