ISO code Reason - Description
AC01 Account Identifier incorrect
  • The IBAN or BIC code provided by the buyer is incorrect.
  • The account is not in euros.
AC04 Account closed

The account has been closed.

The buyer may have used an old account number or closed the account since the mandate was implemented.


Account blocked

The account has been blocked for direct debits:

  • either by the bank
  • or by the buyer
AG01 Transaction forbidden on this type of account

The SEPA direct debit cannot be implemented for this type of account.

E.g.: savings account.

AG02 Invalid bank operation code

Technical error

AM04 Insufficient funds

The debtor’s bank could not cover the direct debit due to insufficient funds.

AM05 Duplicate collection

Collection has already been made. This could either be due to an incorrect transaction ID, or if two transactions have been submitted.

BE05 Identifier of the Creditor Incorrect

The provided Creditor ID is incorrect or invalid.

DNOR BIC code of the debtor’s bank unknown or does not match the IBAN.

This may occur if the IBAN corresponds to an account in Switzerland but the debtor’s address has not been transmitted.


(Previously MD03)

Invalid file format

Technical error


Invalid local instrument code

Technical error

MD01 No mandate

The mandate for the buyer's account is no longer valid. The mandate may have been canceled by the buyer.

It is also used when a customer requests a refund, stating that the transaction was not authorized. This can occur up to 13 months after the settlement.

MD02 Mandate data missing or incorrect

Technical error.

MD03 Invalid file format

Technical error.

MD06 Return of funds requested by end customer

The buyer has requested a refund of an authorized transaction. May be received up to 8 weeks after the settlement.

MD07 End customer deceased

You have attempted to set up a mandate for the account of a deceased individual. Extremely rare.

MS02 No specified reason by customer

The buyer rejects the direct debit.

This code may be received pre- or post-settlement, depending on how quickly the buyer's bank responds to the rejection.

MS03 Non specified reason by agent

One of the most common error codes. Often used when banks choose to not provide more specific explanatory codes, such as MD07 and AM04, due to data protection reasons.

RC01 Invalid BIC

The BIC code provided by the buyer is incorrect.

RR01 Missing debtor account or identification

Technical error.

RR02 Missing debtor name or address

Technical error.

RR03 Missing creditor name or address

Technical error.

RR04 Regulatory reason

R04 can be used for a regulatory reason different from RR01, RR02 or RR03.

SL01 Specific service offered by debtor agent

The request clashes with specific instructions that the buyer has configured for his or her account.

E.g.: the creditor is blacklisted.

TM01 Cut off time

The time limit has passed.