How to get help in Lyra Collect Back Office?

You have a question related to fraud, your payments or a technical issue and you want to contact support via Lyra Collect Back Office.

  1. Once you are signed in to your Lyra Collect Back Office, click on the question mark icon in the top right corner

    The Contact support window appears.

  2. Contact the support as follows:
    • Click to send an e-mail to the support team if your have questions related to technical issues.
    • Click to send an e-mail to the operations department if you have questions related to your payments or fraud.
    • Dial the telephone number during our working hours and let us guide you if you wish to contact the service by phone.

Please remember to mention your customer code (e.g. CLXXX532) in all your e-mails or calls; it will help us identify you more easily.