How to initiate a refund request from your Lyra Collect Back Office?

The refund operation allows to re-credit a buyer's account after a transaction.

The buyer's account is credited with the refunded amount, this same amount is debited from the merchant's account. In some cases, it is possible to partially or fully refund a the transaction amount.

The merchant can initiate a refund request at any time.

Important note on the Collect* payment methods

Once the request has been made, Lyra Collect checks if the payment account balance is sufficient to support the refund amount.

The amount to refund cannot be greater than the transaction initial amount.

Once the request processed, the refund amount is deducted from the next fund transfer.

*Payment methods whose acquisition is handled by Lyra Collect. For these payment methods, the funds are transferred on D+4. The use of Collect payment methods is subject to compliance with the provisions contained in the “Conditions of Collect payment method membership”.

Important note on Marketplaces
On a Marketplace, the Merchant must use the Marketplace Refund API to initiate a refund request.

To initiate a refund request from your Lyra Collect Back Office:

  1. Display the Transactions tab.
  2. Select the transaction.

    It is possible to click on the Filters icon () to search for the relevant transaction if it is not on the transactions list.

  3. Click on the icon to display the context menu.
  4. Click Refund.

    It is also possible to access the Refund button by clicking Details > Actions using the context menu.

    The dialog box Request a refund for this transaction appears.

    By default, the total amount is displayed in the Amount to be refunded field. If a partial refund has already been made, it is the remaining amount that will be displayed in the field.

  5. Proceed to the refund request.
    • Click OK if you are making a full refund request or of the remaining amount if a partial refund has already been made.
    • Enter the amount that you wish to refund, in case of a partial refund request, then click OK.

The details of the refund transaction appears in the Transactions tab of the Lyra Collect Back Office.

A new transaction of Refund type appears among the transactions of the day with a Pending status and a negative amount appears in red.

An icon appears in the Order ID column of the initial transaction to indicate that a refund is being processed.

Throughout its lifecycle, a refund request can go through the following statuses:
  • Pending : Request sent to the processing chains and is being processed.
  • Validated : Refund processing successfully completed.
  • Declined : Refund request rejected.
  • Canceled : Refund request canceled.

Once the refund has been successfully made, the status of the refund transaction changes to Validated.

For the initial transaction, an icon indicates if the transaction is partially or fully refunded.

Example of icon