error 137

In PRODUCTION mode, if your buyer gets an error message such as:

An error occurred during the payment request, please make sure that the posted parameters match the ones specified in the documentation.

It becomes impossible to make the payment and the transaction is definitively lost.

You will receive an e-mail notification containing the form that the gateway was unable to process and the value of the invalid field.

The eligible_amount_min error appears during a transaction via Conecs Electronic Meal Vouchers.

We invite you to check the following reason.

The expressed amount is less than the authorized amount.

The value of the eligibleAmount element cannot be between 0.01 cents and 0.99 cents.

The amount must be expressed in the smallest unit of the used currency.

For CONECS, for example, the vads_acquirer_transient_data field should be valued as follows:

vads_acquirer_transient_data ={"CONECS":{"eligibleAmount":"1299"}}

For 12,99 EUR, the eligibleAmount field must be set to 1299 and not 12,99.

But, the amount expressed in the eligibleAmount element can not be between 0,01 cents and 0,99 cents. It must always be greater than or equal to 1 EUR (written 100).