Deferred payment

In order to use this feature, ask your PayPal account manager to check whether the ORDER mode is enabled for your MID.

In case of a deferred payment, the buyer’s account is not debited on the day of the payment.

The merchant defines a delay (strictly greater than 0 days) between the day of the order and the effective day of the debit.

This delay can be defined in the payment form via the vads_capture_delay parameter or via the Expert Back Office (Settings > Shop, Configuration tab).

The deferred behavior if the capture delay is greater than the authorization validity period (3 days within the PAYPAL network).

If the capture delay is less or equal to 3 days:

An authorization is made on the payment day.

The capture will be made on the day of the requested presentation date.

If the capture delay is greater than 3 days:

On the payment day, an operation similar to a card pre-authorization is made.

The authorization will be made 3 days before the requested presentation date. The capture is always made on the day of the presentation date.

In order to be notified of the final result of the payment, the merchant must enable and configure the Instant Payment Notification URL on batch authorization (see chapter Establishing interaction with the payment gateway).

As long as the requested presentation date has not been reached, the following operations are available for transactions:
  • amount update,
  • presentation date modification,
  • cancellation,
  • validation.