Modifying a transaction

The Modify option is only available for transactions with the following statuses:

  • To be validated
  • To be validated and authorized
  • Waiting for authorization
  • Waiting for capture

In order to modify a transaction:

  1. Right-click the transaction.
  2. Select Modify.
  3. Enter a new amount.

    Unlike in the case of an immediate payment, as long as the transaction has not reached the presentation date, the merchant can modify the amount. The new amount must be lower than the initial amount.

  4. Specify the presentation date.

    The presentation date can be changed to an earlier or a later date.

    • For transactions with Waiting for capture or To be validated status, the possible presentation range is 3 days. The authorization request valid for 3 days has already been made.
    • For transactions with the To be validated and authorized or Waiting for authorization status, you can enter the presentation date of your choice.
    It is also possible to validate a transaction with the To be validated or To be validated and authorized status by checking Validate the transaction.
  5. Click Validate.
If you wish, you may view the transaction details to see the applied changes (right-click the edited transaction Display transaction details).