Payments by token and recurring payments

Management of payments by token

The service of Management of payments by token allows merchants to offer their clients the possibility to associate a token with a payment method, which will facilitate their subsequent payments on the website (without having to re-enter the bank card number).

Tokens allow you to:

  • Make fast and secure payments.
    For the buyer - avoid filling in bank details when making subsequent payments (1-click payment).
    The gateway stores the bank details in a highly secure environment, in accordance with the PCI-DSS requirements. Only the token is transferred during the exchange.
  • Make recurring payments (subscription).

The service also allows you to:
  • Identify cards that are due to expire, in order to notify the Merchant via a file containing the token of the expiring card.
  • Update the bank details associated with a token via the payment page, or manually via the Expert Back Office.
  • Manage other buyer detail updates.

In compliance with the banking data security and protection rules implemented by PCI DSS, the payment method details are destroyed after the associated token has not been used for 15 months.

The token will remain visible in the Expert Back Office and can be updated with new details.

Recurring payment (subscription) management

The recurring payment management service allows merchants to create subscriptions, also known as recurring payments, with or without an expiry date, within the limits of the card validity period.

When creating a recurring payment, the Merchant defines the start date and the recurrence rule to apply.

In TEST mode, transactions are created every hour in order to allow the Merchant to easily test the IPN processing.

In PRODUCTION mode, transactions are created once a day between midnight and 5:00 a.m.