Analyzing the result of the authorization request

The result of the authorization is specified in the vads_auth_result field.

For a payment by Titre-Restaurant card that was successful, the vads_auth_result field can be populated in two ways:

  • 00

    The payment has been accepted.

  • 10

    Payment by meal voucher has been accepted, a complementary payment by payment card has been requested.

A rejected payment by Titre-Restaurant returns the table of return codes below.

Only the card issuer can provide the real reason of the return code.

The payment gateway only retranscribes this return code without modifying it.

For more information, the buyer must contact his or her issuer.

Codes Description Comment
03 Invalid acceptor

A non-exhaustive list of possible cases:

  • The CONECS (IDCONECS) technical identifier is unknown to the CONECS gateway
  • The CONECS (IDCONECS) technical identifier is not open on the Titres-Restaurant issuer side
05 Do not honor Several possible causes.

Request the verification of the MCC linked to the card acceptance contract of your shop.

14 Invalid cardholder number

A non-exhaustive list of possible cases:

  • invalid card number
  • invalid expiration date
30 Format error  
56 Card absent from the file  
57 Transaction not allowed for this cardholder A non-exhaustive list of possible cases:
  • the contract does not support the card type used by the buyer
  • insufficient funds
  • use on a Sunday or a holiday
  • blocked card
  • rejected payment
  • other possible cases
59 Suspected fraud

A non-exhaustive list of possible cases:

  • fraud alert raised by the card issuer
  • other possible cases
63 Security rules unfulfilled  
82 Incorrect CVV

90 Temporary shutdown Temporary shutdown
91 Inaccessible card issuer  
94 Duplicated transaction Suspected duplicated transaction
96 System malfunction System malfunction
97 Global surveillance timeout deadline  
98 Server not available, new network route requested  
99 Initiator domain incident System malfunction