Creating a payment by token request

  1. Use all the fields presented in the table below to create your form.
    Field name Description Format Value
    vads_page_action Action to perform enum PAYMENT
    vads_cust_email Buyer's e-mail address. ans..255 E.g.:
    vads_identifier (unique) token associated with a payment method. enum E.g.: MyToken
    vads_ctx_mode Operating mode. enum TEST or PRODUCTION
    vads_action_mode Acquisition mode for payment method data. enum INTERACTIVE
    vads_amount Payment amount (in the smallest currency unit) n..12 E.g.: 5124 for 51.24 euros
    vads_acquirer_transient_data Amount payable by Titre-Restaurant card (in the smallest currency unit) json Example for an eligible amount of €17.25:

    vads_acquirer_transient_data ={"CONECS":{"eligibleAmount":"1725"}}

    vads_currency Country code of the card in compliance with the ISO 4217 standard n3 978 for Euro
    vads_site_id Shop ID n8 E.g.: 12345678
    vads_trans_date Date and time of the payment form in UTC format. n14 E.g.: 20170501130025
    vads_version Version of the exchange protocol. string V2
    vads_capture_delay Capture delay n..3 0
    vads_validation_mode Validation mode enum 0 (Automatic)

    Signature guaranteeing the integrity of the requests exchanged between the merchant website and the payment gateway.


    See Computing the signature

  2. Add the optional fields described in the following chapters according to your requirements.
  3. Compute the value of the signature field using all the fields of your form that start with vads_ (see chapter Computing the signature).