First generation cards

First generation cards, even if they have the logo of the restaurant voucher issuer, have the distinction of being payment cards issued within the VISA or MASTERCARD schemes.

When it comes to authorization, they are processed similarly to Visa or Mastercard cards with a daily limit fixed at €19.

The acceptance of 1st generation cards via the payment gateway requires a Visa or Mastercard e-commerce card acceptance contract (CB or international acquirer of Visa/Mastercard) associated with the shop.

In case a new affiliation contract is opened or terminated with an electronic meal voucher issuer, the merchant must contact the Middle Office in order to update the list of card types accepted by the card acceptance contract.

Once the list of accepted issuers is configured for the car acceptance contract, the payment gateway recognizes the meal voucher issuer, regardless of the payment method selected by the buyer, and displays the corresponding logo.

1st generation cards are compatible with split payment and allow to pay for a purchase using several cards (1 electronic meal voucher + 1 payment card) via the card acceptance contract if the issuer supports partial authorization.

If the acceptance of meal vouchers for split payments is not configured within the card acceptance contract, the meal vouchers co-badged Visa or Mastercard will be considered as regular VISA or Mastercard cards and will not be used for split payments.


1st generation APETIZ cards are routed exclusively within the CONECS scheme at their request.