Integration in the customer journey

In order to simplify the customer journey, increase the transformation rate and thus reduce the number of abandoned orders, it is recommended to:
  • select the payment method on the merchant website,
  • generate a payment button for each type of payment method.

Note on handling Meal Vouchers outside the Conecs network.

If you are affiliated with a Meal Voucher issuer other than Natixis Intertitres, Sodexo or Groupe Up, you can accept payments with these cards via the payment gateway, but only through your CB acceptance agreement.

This means that:
  • payments made with cards are not compatible with complementary payments by card. In other words, you will have to make sure that the amount to be paid does not exceed the daily limit for these cards.
  • The eligible amount transmitted via the vads_acquirer_transient_data field will not be taken into account. This field is only taken into account for payments made within the Conecs network.
  • You can use the MASTERCARD or VISA value. They will allow to apply these Meal Vouchers, whether they are co-branded Visa or Mastercard.

Examples of payment method selection:

In the example on the left, the choice is between the following values of the vads_payment_cards field:
  • CB

The solution on the right provides a choice between the values:
  • CB