Offering payment with a Titre-Restaurant card

There are several ways to offer payment by Titre-Restaurant card.

Selection of the payment method on the e-commerce website

This solution is recommended by Titre-Restaurant issuers.

The buyer chooses the type of electronic meal voucher on the merchant website. The buyer's choice is then submitted to the payment gateway via the vads_payment_cards field of the form.

Use one of the values below depending on the buyer's choice:
  • APETIZ to display the APETIZ payment page
  • EDENRED to display the EDENRED payment page
  • SODEXO to display the SODEXO payment page
  • CHQ_DEJ to display the CHEQUE DEJEUNER payment page

E.g.: vads_payment_cards="APETIZ"

If the vads_payment_cards field is populated with a single value, and this value corresponds to a type of meal voucher that is not available for the CB and CONECS acceptance contract, the payment form will not be rejected.

The buyer will be redirected to the payment method selection page. All the eligible payment methods (depending on the currency, the minimum or maximum amount, technical constraints such as whether the shopping cart data, the account holder's address and the shipping address are present or not, etc.) associated with the shop will be available.

Meal voucher type selection on the payment page

The buyer selects his/her type of electronic meal voucher from the list of payment methods defined by the merchant.

For this, the merchant submits the list of electronic meal vouchers to offer via the vads_payment_cards field.

Make up your list depending on the cards that your CONECS acceptance contract accepts for the e-commerce channel, using the values below separated by ";" :
  • APETIZ to display the APETIZ logo
  • EDENRED to display the EDENRED logo
  • SODEXO to display the SODEXO logo
  • CHQ_DEJ to display the CHEQUE DEJEUNER logo

E.g.: vads_payment_cards="APETIZ;SODEXO"

Reminder: issuers are updated by remote configuration automatically and on a daily basis.

Payment method selection on the payment page

This is the default behavior. The buyer chooses his or her payment method from a list defined by the payment gateway, including the available electronic meal voucher.

This solution is not recommended.

To use this solution, the merchant website can:

  • submit the vads_payment_cards field without a value (empty),

  • not send the vads_payment_cards field in the form.

Depending on the other parameters submitted in the form (amount, currency, amount eligible in meal vouchers), the payment gateway will display all the eligible payment methods. Depending on the value of the amount that is eligible for meal vouchers, the meal voucher payment buttons will not be provided.

E.g.: For a shop that has a CB and a Conecs acceptance contract that authorizes APETIZ and CHEQUE DEJEUNER payments:

Selection of the CONECS payment method on the payment page

If the merchant does not wish to display the logos of different issuers of the electronic meal voucher, there is a solution that groups all the electronic meal vouchers together.

To use it, the merchant must force the value of the vads_payment_cards field in his/her form with the "CONECS" value.

  • During payment method selection on the e-commerce website:


    The buyer is immediately redirected to the card detail entry page:

  • During payment method selection on the payment page:

    Example: vads_payment_cards="CONECS;CB;VISA;MASTERCARD"

If the value of the vads_payment_cards field is not forced in the form, the payment page will display all the available payment methods with logos of different meal vouchers available with your CB and CONECS acceptance contracts as well as the Conecs logo.

By default, the Conecs logo is not available. The merchant must contact the Middle Office by e-mail to make a request.