For the merchant

To accept Titre-Restaurant CONECS cards (in the same way as paper meal vouchers), the merchant must:

  • contact and obtain an agreement from the French National Commission of Meal Vouchers (Commission Nationale des Titres-Restaurant) (,
  • accept the general terms and conditions of affiliation of at least one issuer of meal vouchers mentioned above,
  • obtain a technical identifier (IDCONECS), specific to e-commerce and attributed by CONECS,
  • a card acceptance contract to manage 1st generation cards and the supplement.

Contact the Middle Office to request the creation or addition of a CONECS contract and transmit:

  • your technical identifier (IDCONECS) specific to e-commerce
  • the rank number


CONECS contracts only support payments in euro.

To pay by Titre-Restaurant, the buyer's cart must contain specified eligible items, such as:
  • directly consumable food preparations,
  • dairy products,
  • fruit and vegetables.

The eligibility of products is the responsibility of the merchant. The merchant must transmit to the payment gateway the total amount of the shopping cart and a sub-total corresponding to the amount of eligible products payable by electronic meal vouchers.

For example, shipping fees are not payable by meal vouchers, therefore they must be paid separately with an additional CB payment or be offered or included in the price of the meal. This aspect specifically concerns merchants who sell different products, such as large retailers.


The sub-total corresponding to the amount of eligible products payable by Titre-Restaurant cannot be lower than 1.5 euro (amount defined by the payment gateway). If the value submitted in the form is lower than 1.5 euro, the logos of different issuers will not be presented on the payment page.

For the buyer

No action required.

The only requirement is the possession of an active, valid and replenished Titre-Restaurant card with, possibly, an additional payment method in case of insufficient balance.