The process of a single payment

Here is a step-by-step description:

  • The payment is made entirely with a Titre-Restaurant card,
  • the buyer does not have a pre-registered card (not a 1-Click payment),
  • the buyer does not have the possibility to register his or her card details.

  1. The buyer validates the shopping cart.
  2. The buyer selects the type of Titre-Restaurant card that will be used.
    The card details entry page appears.
    If the entered card number does not correspond to the issuer selected by the buyer, the payment gateway automatically corrects the type before proceeding to the payment.
  3. The buyer enters his or her card details (card number, expiration date and security code).
  4. The buyer clicks VALIDATE.
    In case of success, a summary page is presented to the buyer resuming the transaction details.

    Among the displayed information, the logo of the Titre-Restaurant issuer used for the transaction is displayed.

    In case of failure, a message is displayed. The buyer is informed of the rejection of the payment request.
    Note: the mobile applications provided by issuers of the Titre-Restaurant CONECS card allow to understand the reasons for payment rejection.
    The payment rejection page allows to:
    • Return to the shop


    • Revisit the page of payment method selection by clicking New payment attempt.

      This feature is available if the merchant configures it via his or her Expert Back Office. For this, the merchant must replace the value 0 specified by default within the field In case of payment rejection, authorize ... additional attempt(s) via Settings > Shop > Configuration tab with the desired value (maximum 2 times).