The process of a Titre-Restaurant payment supplemented by another payment method

In this case:
  • The buyer does not have a pre-registered card,
  • the transaction amount is partly or totally payable by Titre-Restaurant card,
  • the buyer uses a Titre-Restaurant card to pay the part payable by Titre-Restaurant,
  • the buyer pays the remaining amount with another payment method.

  1. The buyer validates the shopping cart.
  2. The buyer selects the type of Titre-Restaurant card that will be used.
    The card details entry page appears.
    If the entered card number does not correspond to the issuer selected by the buyer, the payment gateway automatically corrects the type before proceeding to the payment.
  3. The buyer enters his or her card details (card number, expiration date and security code).
  4. The buyer clicks VALIDATE.
    The payment gateway sends an authorization request to retrieve the card balance.
    It detects that the card balance is lower than the eligible amount. It prompts to complete the rest of the transaction by bank card.
    If the number of the used meal vouchers corresponds to a first generation card, it will be possible to pay the remaining amount with another payment method on the condition that split payment is enabled within the card acceptance contract. Otherwise, the payment will be refused due to insufficient balance.
  5. The buyer enters the details of his or her complementary payment method.

    The buyer views the amount paid with the Titre-Restaurant card. The buyer can also:

    • Delete Titre-Restaurant by clicking the recycling bin icon. This operation will provoke the recovery of Titre-Restaurant via the meal voucher issuer.
    • Cancel and return to shop by clicking the corresponding link. This operation will provoke the recovery of Titre-Restaurant via the meal voucher issuer.
  6. The buyer clicks VALIDATE.
    The complementary payment may generate a 3DS path.
    In case of success, a summary page is presented to the buyer resuming the transaction details.

    Among the displayed information, the logo of the Titre-Restaurant issuer used for the transaction is displayed.

    In case of failure, a message is displayed. The buyer is informed of the rejection of the payment request.
    There are two possibilities:
    • If the merchant does not enable the option for additional payment attempts, a message indicating that the payment is rejected will appear. Authorization for Titre-Restaurant is canceled, the balance has been recovered.
    • If the merchant enables the option of additional payment attempt, a rejection message is displayed but the payment page prompts the buyer to retry payment. Authorization given for the Titre-Restaurant card is retained until the buyer finalizes or abandons the payment. Only the supplement remains to be paid.

      The page of detail entry for the complementary payment method appears.