The process of payment with optional recording (ASK_REGISTER_PAY)

In this case:

  • the merchant website prompts the buyer to register the details of his/her electronic meal voucher
  • the buyer accepts to register his/her card by checking the corresponding checkbox
  • the vads_page_action field populated with ASK_REGISTER_PAY in the payment form
  • the merchant has subscribed to an offer that includes payment by token

Payment by token allows to use a pre-registered token for making payments without having to select a payment method and enter the card number.

The beneficiary of a Titre-Restaurant card will no longer have to enter the card number for each transaction. Only the card security code will have to be specified due to security reasons.

In order to offer this option to its buyers, the merchant website must submit a registration request to the payment gateway. The gateway will generate the token value and store the card details.

  1. The buyer identifies him/herself on the merchant website.
  2. The buyer validates the shopping cart.
  3. The buyer selects the logo of his or her Titre-Restaurant's issuer.
    The card details entry page appears.
    If the entered card number does not correspond to the issuer selected by the buyer, the payment gateway automatically corrects the type before proceeding to the payment.
  4. The buyer enters his or her Titre-Restaurant card details (card number, expiration date and security code).
  5. The buyer checks the box I would like to register my payment method details for a future purchase.
  6. The buyer clicks VALIDATE.
  7. There are two possibilities:
    • in case of single payment (without additional payments), the confirmation receipt appears,
    • in case of split payment, the buyer is prompted to complete and proceed with the payment via another payment method.
      If the number of the used meal vouchers corresponds to a first generation card, it will be possible to pay the remaining amount with another payment method on the condition that split payment is enabled within the card acceptance contract. Otherwise, the payment will be refused due to insufficient balance. The token will not be created.

At the end of payment, if the buyer has chosen to register his/her card details, the payment gateway will submit the token(s) to the merchant website.

In case of single payment, the meal voucher token will be returned in the vads_identifier field.

This token is only valid for meal voucher payments and it will not be possible to use it for a credit card payment.

In order to allow the merchant website to manage the tokens of CB cards and Titre-Restaurant, the response will also contain the type of used card in the vads_card_brand field.

The merchant website will have to register the token and its card type and associate them with the buyer's account.

In case of split payment, the meal voucher and the bank card tokens will be returned in the vads_payment_seq field. For each transaction, the merchant will have to register the values of the identifier and card_brand attributes (see chapter Analyzing the payment result).

For security reasons, during the next payment, the buyer will have to enter the security code of their meal voucher to validate their payment.