Titre-Restaurant cards

Titre-Restaurant cards work in the same way as prepaid cards. They provide access to an account where employers regularly recharge the electronic meal vouchers of their employees, who will then be able to pay for their meals at all restaurants and affiliated establishments.

The minimum amount that can be paid using meal vouchers per transaction is set to 1.50 EUR on the payment gateway.

The maximum amount is set at 19 EUR per day, that can be paid in one or more installments.

The issuer is responsible for processing immediate debits of account holders' accounts (authorization or refusal) and is solely responsible for refunding merchants.

Titre-Restaurant cards cannot be used on Sundays and on holidays (unless the employer has given a special authorization to his/her employees who work on these days).

This verification is performed by issuers. Therefore, it is not necessary to perform additional verification on the merchant website.

The amount payable by meal vouchers is temporarily blocked until the transaction is finalized or abandoned.

In case the transaction is abandoned or canceled or if the payment session expires, the payment gateway performs a recovery.

This action allows to update the outstanding amount of the holder's card and to display the daily available balance to the buyer.

If the recovery operation fails, after the authorization expires the issuer will automatically adjust the balance of the meal voucher.