Transmitting the amount payable by Titre-Restaurant card

To pay by Titre-Restaurant, the buyer's cart must contain specified eligible items, such as:
  • directly consumable food preparations,
  • dairy products,
  • fruit and vegetables.

The eligibility of products is the responsibility of the merchant. The merchant must transmit to the payment gateway the total amount of the shopping cart and a sub-total corresponding to the amount of eligible products payable by electronic meal vouchers.

The form field with the amount of eligible items payable by Titre-Restaurant card is vads_acquirer_transient_data.

This field must respect the following syntax in JSON format (example with an eligible amount of 17.25 EUR):

The value of the eligible amount must:

  • be specified in the smallest currency unit,
  • be an integer,
  • not be empty,
  • be higher or equal to 1.50 EUR,
  • not contain special characters such as full stop, comma or semicolon (".", ",", ";").

The vads_acquirer_transient_data field is optional. If the merchant does not transmit it, the whole amount will be considered eligible for payment by Titre-Restaurant card, including any delivery charges in the order amount.

If this amount is greater than the daily authorized payment limit, an additional payment method will be required to pay the difference.