Transmitting merchant preferences

This functionality will only be available once 3DS2 has been enabled for your MID.

With 3DS2, the merchant must be able to indicate his or her preferences regarding strong authentication of the buyer. This functionality is not subject to any options.

Use the vads_threeds_mpi field to transmit your preferences:
Value Description
missing or empty or 0 Management of 3DS authentication delegated to the payment gateway (domain, provider, shop configuration)
1 Deprecated.
  • 3DS1: 3DS authentication disabled for the transaction.

    Requires the “Selective 3D Secure” option.

  • 3DS2: NO CHALLENGE REQUESTED Allows to request authentication without interaction (frictionless).

    The merchant loses the payment guarantee if the request is accepted.

  • 3DS1: 3DS1 authentication
  • 3DS2: CHALLENGE REQUESTED: 3DS Requestor Preference Allows to request strong authentication for the transaction.
  • 3DS1: 3DS1 authentication
  • 3DS2: CHALLENGE REQUESTED: mandate Allows to indicate that strong authentication is required for the transaction, for regulatory reasons.
  • 3DS1: 3DS1 authentication
  • 3DS2: NO PREFERENCE: Allows to indicate to the DS that the merchant does not have a preference. If the issuer decides to perform an authentication without interaction (frictionless), the payment will be guaranteed.