Transaction sequence number.

Case of single payment (vads_payment_config=SINGLE)

vads_sequence_number is populated with 1 in case of single payment.

However, if the merchant has authorized several payment attempts after a rejected payment, the sequence number will be incremented upon each new attempt.

The number of additional attempts after a rejected payment can be configured via the Expert Back Office (menu Settings > Shop > Configuration).

If vads_payment_config = SINGLE:
vads_url_check_src vads_sequence_number Description
PAY 1 Payment made in 1 attempt
2 Payment made in 2 attempts
3 Payment made in 3 attempts
BATCH_AUTO 1 Deferred payment made in 1 attempt
2 Deferred payment made in 2 attempts
3 Deferred payment made in 3 attempts

Case of installment payment (vads_payment_config=MULTI)

For an installment payment, this field will take the "1" value for the first installment, "2" for the second installment, "3" for the third installment, etc.

Installment payments are not compatible with the feature of additional attempts in case of a rejected payment.


The vads_sequence_number field is not returned in the response when a payment is canceled or abandoned.

Output field, returned in the response (IPN and Return URL).

Category Transaction details.