• 3DS1: Enables/disables the 3DS1 process during an e-commerce payment.
    This functionality will no longer be available after the implementation of 3DS2.
  • 3DS2: Indicates the merchant’s desire to challenge the buyer with a strong authentication during a payment.

Input field.

Format n1
Error code 50

Possible values

Value Description
missing or empty or 0 Management of 3DS authentication delegated to the payment gateway (domain, provider, shop configuration)
1 Deprecated
  • 3DS1: 3DS authentication disabled for the transaction.

    Requires the “Selective 3D Secure” option.

  • 3DS2: NO CHALLENGE REQUESTED Allows to request authentication without interaction (frictionless).

    The merchant loses the payment guarantee if the request is accepted.

  • 3DS1: 3DS1 authentication.
  • 3DS2: CHALLENGE REQUESTED: 3DS Requestor Preference Allows to request strong authentication for the transaction.
  • 3DS1: 3DS1 authentication.
  • 3DS2: CHALLENGE REQUESTED: mandate Allows to indicate that strong authentication is required for the transaction, for regulatory reasons.
  • 3DS1: 3DS1 authentication.
  • 3DS2: NO PREFERENCE: Allows to indicate to DS that the merchant does not have a preference. If the issuer decides to perform an authentication without interaction (frictionless), the payment will be guaranteed.
Category 3DS authentication.