Updating token details

This case corresponds to updating, at the initiative of the buyer, the information related to his or her payment method and/or his or her personal information.

The merchant website transmits to the payment gateway:

  • new information, specifically the e-mail address, which is mandatory,
  • the token for update.

The presented pages are identical to the previous case (Creating a token without payment).

The processing of a token update request results in the creation of a VERIFICATION transaction type, visible in the Expert Back Office, that has the following characteristics:
  • its amount is 1.00 EUR or 0.00 EUR, if supported by the acquirer,
  • its status is either "Accepted" (vads_trans_status=ACCEPTED) or "Refused" (vads_trans_status=REFUSED),
  • it is never captured and remains in the "Transactions is progress" tab.


The token will not be updated if the authorization or information request is rejected.