Creating a token during creation of a recurring payment with payment

In this use case, the following information must be visible:

  • the buyer details,
  • the transaction identifier,
  • the recurring payment details (amounts).

Example: a recurring payment of X EUR/ over N months with commission fees to be paid upon taking the order.

The merchant website transmits buyer details to the payment gateway, in particular the e-mail address, which is mandatory.

  1. The buyer verifies the information displayed on the payment page (identity, amount and currency of the transaction).
  2. He or she clicks on the payment method that will be recorded and used.
    The payment page appears. It contains the following information:
    • for the recording:
      • information about the buyer's identity,
      • entry of buyer's banking details.
    • for the recurring payment:
      • the number of installments,
      • the amount per installment.
    • for the payment:
      • the amount of commission fees.
  3. If the buyer has selected a bank card, he or she enters:
    • the card number,
    • the card expiry month,
    • the card expiry year,
    • the CVV code of the card, if there is one.
  4. The buyer clicks Validate.

    As part of the implementation of PSD2, the cardholder will be required to undergo strong authentication.

    If all the payment method verification processes have been successfully completed, the summary appears.

    It contains the newly created token. It can be later used for another financial operation.
    The amounts of the recurring payment as well as the commission fees also appear in the payment summary when the payment method number verification (example: bank card) has been successfully completed.
    It is possible to send these details to the buyer by e-mail and receive:
    • the confirmation of the registration of these banking details on the payment gateway of the shop,
    • confirmation of the recurring payment registration.
    • confirmation of the payment.
    To find out how to send these details by e-mail, see chapter Configuring e-mails sent to the buyer.


The token will not be created if the authorization or information request is rejected.