Creating a ‘Create a token without payment’ form

Use case: creation of a token for making fast payments in the future.

Under PSD2, strong authentication is required when registering a card. The vads_threeds_mpi field is ignored and the CHALLENGE_MANDATE value is automatically applied.

  1. Use all the fields presented in the table below to create your form.
    Field name Description Format Value
    vads_page_action Action to perform enum REGISTER
    vads_ctx_mode Operating mode. enum TEST or PRODUCTION
    vads_cust_email Buyer’s e-mail address. ans..150 E.g.:
    vads_action_mode Acquisition mode for payment method data. enum INTERACTIVE
    vads_site_id Shop ID n8 E.g.: 12345678
    vads_trans_date Date and time of the payment form in UTC format. n14 E.g.: 20190501130025
    vads_version Version of the exchange protocol. string V2
  2. Use the vads_identifier field if you wish to generate the identifier of the token associated with the payment method.
    The token format must not be an..32. This format is reserved for tokens generated by the payment gateway.

    If you have activated the detection of token uniqueness, the value of the vads_identifier field transmitted in the form can be different from the one present in the notification if the payment method is already associated with another token.

  3. Add optional fields according to your requirements (see chapter Using additional features).
  4. Compute the value of the signature field using all the fields of your form starting with vads_ (see chapter Computing the signature).

The list of fields returned in the notification is described in the chapter Creating a token without payment.