Creating a recurring payment

In order to understand the result, analyze the following fields:

Field name Description
vads_page_action Completed action.

The returned value is SUBSCRIBE.

vads_recurrence_status Recurrence creation status.

The possible values are:

  • CREATED: The recurring payment has been successfully created.
  • NOT_CREATED: The recurring payment is not created.
  • ABANDONED: action abandoned by the buyer. The recurring payment is not created.
vads_identifier Recurring payment token to debit.

The returned value is the same as the one submitted in the form.

vads_cust_email E-mail address of the buyer associated with the token.
vads_site_id Shop ID

The returned value is the same as the one submitted in the form.

vads_ctx_mode Operating mode.

The returned value (TEST or PRODUCTION) is the same as the one submitted in the form.

To see the recurring payment details, see the parameters below:
Field name Note
vads_subscription Recurring payment token.
The returned value is:
  • either the value transmitted in the request, regardless of the result of subscription creation,
  • or the value generated by the payment gateway, if the field has not been transmitted in the request and the subscription has been successfully created (vads_recurrence_status=CREATED).

The field vads_subscription will not be returned:
  • if it has not been transmitted in the request and the buyer abandons the action (vads_recurrence_status=ABANDONED),
  • if it has not been transmitted in the request and the subscription has not been created (vads_recurrence_status=NOT_CREATED).

Installment amount (in the smallest currency unit)

vads_sub_currency Code of the currency used for the recurring payment.

E.g.: 978 for euro (EUR)

vads_sub_desc Rule for recurring payments to apply according to the iCalendar RFC5545 specification.


vads_sub_effect_date Recurring payment start date.

E.g.: 20210601


Amount of the first installments.

The number of the first installments is defined by vads_sub_init_amount_number.

E.g.: 1000

vads_sub_init_amount_number Number of installments to which will be applied the amount defined by vads_sub_init_amount.

E.g.: 3

Details of the used payment method:
Field name Note
vads_acquirer_network Acquirer network code.
vads_bank_code Code of the issuing bank.
vads_bank_label Name of the issuing bank of the payment card.
vads_bank_product Product code of the used card.
vads_card_brand Used payment method.

See chapter Compatible payment methods to see the list of possible values.

vads_card_country Country code of the card used in compliance with the ISO 3166 standard.
vads_card_number Truncated/masked card number


IBAN and BIC used for the payment separated by “_” in case of a one-off debit payment.

Since the BIC is optional, it may be left out.

vads_expiry_month Expiry month of the used card.
vads_expiry_year Expiry year of the used card.

Details of strong authentication performed when creating the token:

Field name Note
vads_threeds_auth_type Cardholder authentication type.

Strong cardholder authentication is mandatory when registering a card. The field will therefore always be populated with CHALLENGE.


Enrollment status of the buyer to the 3D Secure program.

Possible values are:
  • Y: Authentication available.
  • N: Authentication not available.
  • U: Enrollment status to the 3D Secure program unknown.
  • empty: Incomplete 3DS authentication process (3DS disabled in the request, unregistered merchant or payment method not eligible for 3DS).
vads_threeds_status 3D Secure authentication result.
Possible values are:
  • Y: Cardholder authentication success.
  • N: Cardholder authentication error.
  • U: Authentication impossible.
  • A: Authentication attempted but not completed.
  • empty: Unauthorized 3DS authentication (3DS disabled in the request, unregistered cardholder or payment method not eligible for 3DS).

The optional fields transmitted in the request are returned in the response with unmodified values.