Lifecycle of a recurring payment

The recurring payment starts on its effective date.

The payment gateway starts creating payments following the schedule determined by the recurring payment rule sent in the form of recurring payment creation (vads_sub_desc field).

Upon each installment, if the Instant Payment Notification URL when creating a recurring payment rule is enabled and correctly configured, the merchant website will receive the payment result via their notification URL (IPN).

The notification contains:

  • The vads_subscription field that indicates the recurring payment reference.
  • The vads_recurrence number field that indicates the installment number.
  • The vads_occurrence_type field that indicates the installment in question (first, nth or last installment).
  • The vads_trans_status field that indicates the payment status (accepted or refused).

If the payment has been refused:

  • the merchant will not be notified by e-mail,
  • the payment will not be automatically presented once again.

If the payment method has reached its expiry date, a refused transaction is created without a call to the issuing bank. The error details (vads_payment_error) are set to 8 - The card expiration date does not allow this action.

If the payment method data has been purged following 15 moths of inactivity, a refused transaction is created without a call to the issuing bank. The error description (vads_payment_error) is set to 107 - The payment method associated with the token is no longer valid.

Special case of daily recurrences

If you request the creation of a recurring payment to debit the payment method holder daily (RRULE:FREQ=DAILY;INTERVAL=1), and the requested effective date (vads_sub_effect_date) corresponds to the recurring payment creation date, then when the payment gateway processes this recurring payment the following morning (between midnight and 5 a.m.), 2 payments will be created:
  • The payment from the previous day (that corresponds to the effective date)
  • And the payment from the current day

To avoid this, it is recommended to transmit an effective date the day after the recurring payment is created.