Activation from the user interface

  1. Open the Component Manager ( System > Web Setup Wizard > Component Manager).
  2. In the list of extensions detected by Magento, search for Lyranetwork_Lyra.
  3. In the Action column, click on Select, then on Enable.
  4. Magento will then perform several checks (PHP version, file permissions, presence of the cron, etc.). Click on Start Readiness Check to launch tests.
  5. If Magento displays errors or alerts, contact your webmaster/host to fix them.
  6. Once all the checks are finalized, click on Next to proceed to the next step.
  7. If you wish, you can create a back-up of your installation (files and Database). Click on Next when you are ready to start the back-up process. This step can take several minutes.
  8. Once the back-up has been created, click on Enable.
  9. Magento will wait for the cron to pass by once again before activating the module. This step can take several minutes. If you experience any issues, contact your webmaster/host to analyze and fix the errors.
  10. Once the module is enabled, return to the administration panel.