Release notes

Version Date Comment
1.15 10/6/2021 New features
  • Records the exchange rate in the order_payment table of the Prestashop database.
  • Taking currency conversion into account for a refund made via the CMS.
  • Addition of configuration for disabling Customer service messages generated at the end of the payment.
  • [Oney 3x/4x] Supports the official Chronopost shipping module.
  • The Facilypay Oney sub-module has been deleted.
Bug fixes
  • [Full CB] Smarty error when the country France is disabled.
  • Refund cancellation used to incorrectly change the transaction status to Cancelled.
  • No change in the status of a refunded payment in case of a double call to the notification URL.
  • The order status is incorrect when an order containing several payment methods is made and then partly refunded with our module.
  • [Payment in installments] The list of payments in the Prestashop Back Office is not updated if all the transactions of the payment in installments are refunded.
1.14.2 7/15/2021 New features
  • Create a support ticket via a CMS order.
  • The authorized amount is displayed in order details.
  • Refunds are compatible with the version 1.7.7.x of Prestashop.
Bug fixes
  • The SEPA details did not use to be systematically recorded when the Register a recurring SEPA mandate with direct debit option was enabled.
1.14.1 4/1/2021 New features
  • The REST API key configuration section has been reorganized and precisions have been added to the parameter description.
Bug fixes
  • No refund for payments when the vouchers are generated in PrestaShop 1.6.x to avoid double refunds.
  • No recording of payments with a negative amount for PrestaShop 1.7.7.x versions.
1.14 2/10/2021 New features
  • The vads_order_info variables have been replaced with vads_ext_info.
  • Create a support ticket via the Module configuration section.
  • Perform refunds for payments in installments.
  • Embedded form: Customize the label Save my card.
  • Possibility to add a payment method manually, if it is not present on the list of available payment methods.
  • Embedded form: The pop-in is now customizable in the section Card data entry mode.
  • REST Web Services: Cancellation is now handled by Web Service.
  • Better handling of multiple payment attempts.
  • Addition of payment by token with the SEPA payment method.
  • Verification of token validity before proceeding to payment.
  • Addition of the Chèque-Vacances Connect payment method in the ANCV submodule.
1.10.1 10/4/2018

Initial version.

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