History of the document

Version Author Date Comment
1.2 Lyra Collect 1/28/2021 Update of the chapter Step 1: Creating the seller:
  • Clarifications added to the attributes vat_number, legal_form, economic_agent and activity.mcc.
  • Addition of the value list of the legal_form attribute.
1.1 Lyra Collect 12/21/2020
  • Clarifications in the chapter Step 1: Creating the seller.
  • Addition of chapters on updating the registration (PUT).
    • Using the external reference
    • Entering the IBANs
    • Adding, updating or deleting an IBAN
    • Updating a registration
    • Adding or updating a board member
    • Adding, updating or deleting an activity
1.0 Lyra Collect 1/20/2019 API technical documentation: creation of a seller + KYC document

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