Step 1: Creating the seller

This step allows to create a request for seller registration by making a POST to the REGISTRATION resource with the complete details of the seller.


When a new seller is created, the following elements are controlled by the API and can lead to a 400X error code if they are not valid:

  • Checking that the mandatory fields are populated
  • Checking that at least one legal representative is indicated and their coordinates are specified
  • Checking that each specified e-mail address is unique in the system
  • Checking that one (and only one) main activity has been specified
  • An identifier (SIRET or legal_identifier) must be specified for each activity
  • Checking that the activity identifiers are not duplicate in case where several activities are specified (i.e. the SIRET must be associated with only one activity).

The table below contains a list of fields to provide when requesting to create a registration request

Name Description Format Mandatory
marketplace Marketplace identifier ans-..36
reference Technical reference of the registration ans..255 X
description Description of the registration ans..255

LP: Legal person

PP: Physical person

title For physical persons: MR, MS or MRS If person_type = PP
first_name For physical persons: First name If person_type = PP
last_name For physical persons: Name If person_type = PP
name Name of the seller ans..255 X
trading_name For legal persons: Trading name ans..255 If person_type = LP
nature Legal name ans..255
iban Payment IBAN ans..34 X
vat_number VAT number ans..16 X
legal_form Legal form ans..4 X
economic_agent ISO code of the economic agent ans..255 X
external_ref External reference of the seller (can be used as identifier for sellers in other APIs) ans.50.
turnover Estimated turnover (in cents) ans
cashout_delay Delay for release of funds (in days) ans..180
address Address of the seller’s company X
address.street_number Street number ans..5
address.street Street type ans..255
address.district Address line 2 ans..127
address.zipcode Zip code ans..64 X City ans..128 X
address.state State/Province ans..127 2-letter country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code) ans..2 X
board Legal representative [LEGAL_REP] and list of active beneficiaries [BENEFICIARY] At least a legal representative
board.role Status of the person within the company [LEGAL_REP| BENEFICIARY] X
board.title Title of the person [MR|MS|MRS] X
board.first_name First name of the person ans..63 X
board.last_name Last name of the person ans..63 X
board.birth_date Birthdate of the person Date in YYYY-MM-DD format X
board.birth_city Place of birth of the person ans..128 X
board.nationality Nationality of the person (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of the country) ans..2 X
board.phone_number Phone number of the person ans..32 X E-mail address of the person ans..150 X
board.address Personal address of the person (Note: the same fields as for the company address are required for the address of each specified person) X
activities List of activities of the seller Shop brand Text X
activity.url Website of the shop ans..200
activity.registration_date Date of registration of the activity Date in YYYY-MM-DD format X
activity.siret SIRET identifier of the activity ans..14
activity.legal_identifier Legal identifier of the activity ans..20
activity.mcc MCC (Merchant Category Code) ans..4 X
activity.naf_code NAF code ans..5
activity.is_principal Indicates whether this is the seller’s main activity [true|false] X

Example of a POST REGISTRATION call

       "marketplace": "d085b6bb-4b8e-4f23-b84a-c9e5fafaf3dd", 
        "description": "Seller Acme Corp 20180116",       
        "person_type": "LP",
        "name": "Acme Corporation",
        "trading_name": "Acme Corp.",
        "nature": "SARL",
        "iban": "FR76300040000XXXXXXXXXX0143",
        "vat_number": "FRXX123456789",
        "legal_form": 5710,
        "economic_agent": "ISO_305",
        "external_ref": "acmeref", 
        "turnover": 100000000,
        "address": {
                "zipcode": "12345",
                "street_number": "4",
                "street": "rue des Souris",
                "city": "BOUVISE"        },
        "board": [               
        "role": "LEGAL_REP","title": "MR",                       
        "first_name": "Thomas",                       
        "last_name": "Coyote",                       
        "birth_date": "1949-09-17",                       
        "birth_city": "BURBANK",                       
        "nationality": "FR",                       
        "phone_number": "0123456789",                       
        "email": "",                       
        "address": {
                                "zipcode": "12345", 
                                "street_number": "12",
                                "country": "FR", 
                                "street":  "grande rue",
                                "city": "PARIS"                      

      }        ],
        "activities":  [               
        "name": "Acme Tennis Ball",                       
        "url": "",                       
        "registration_date": "2017-03-24",                       
        "siret": "99556699889944",                       
        "mcc": "5995",                       
        "naf": "4623Z",                       
        "legal_identifier": "995566998",                       
        "is_main": "true"