Step 2: Adding KYC documents (upload)

This step will allow you to collect KYC documents in view of validating the seller.

The API supports several document types and parameters depending on each type.

The files are uploaded one by one by POSTing a multipart/form-data object to the DOCUMENT resource.

POST :{id_registration}/documents

The form-data object consists of a list of key-value pairs.

Key Description Format Mandatory
file The file to upload file (image or PDF) X
type Type of KYC document enum X
reference Technical reference of the document ans..255 X
description Description of the document ans..255  
board_member Person associated with the document an-..36 Mandatory for identity documents and the address*


For identity documents (IDENTITY_CARD, PASSPORT, RESIDENCE_PERMIT) and proof of address (JDD), you must indicate the person associated with the document by specifying their UUID generated during seller creation (see the JSON response returned in step 1).

This board_member field cannot be used for other types of documents.

Documents of KBIS type are automatically associated with the main activity of the seller.

IBAN documents are associated with the account of the currency supported by the marketplace, i.e. euro.

Example of a POST DOCUMENT

Example of a response of the POST DOCUMENT below

	"uuid": "e068f25e-5c84-4c81-8d08-171a38be1762",
	"created_at": "2018-12-04T12:58:13.350525Z",
	"updated_at": "2018-12-04T12:58:22.189227Z",
	"registration": "7c74f86c-adb6-4510-9b03-187fe4c26b2b",
	"board_member": "0123b9ad-4ed0-4862-bd96-a4016a28fc86",
	"type": "PASSPORT",
	"reference": "kyc00001",
	"description": null,
	"status": "CREATED",
	"ep_document_code": "4028a18167747aad0167794c3cbe037e"