Custom schedule: MULTI_EXT

In case of a custom schedule, all transaction amounts and dates are specified by the marketplace. This makes it possible to define variable amounts, and the first transaction can be subsequent to the day of the order.

However, certain constraints must be respected:
  • The date of the first installment payment shall not be earlier than the day of payment.
  • It is only possible to record one transaction per day.
  • The delay between the payment date and the last transaction may not exceed 365 days.

Syntax: Syntax: the value of payment_config must be prefixed with the “MULTI_EXT:” string, followed by the list of installments in date=amount format separated by “;”.

Dates must be expressed in the YYYYMMDD format.

The amounts must be expressed in the smallest currency unit.

To use the previous example, but this time for settling order installments on the 15th of each month, the payment_config value should look like this:
"amount": "100000",
"payment_config": "MULTI_EXT:20200115=30000;20200215=23333;20200315=23333;20200415=23334",

Note: Using the MULTI_EXT value requires a subscription to the Advanced installment payment option.