Following up the update request

Refunds are executed with regard to the balance of the Merchant and the Marketplace. For example, a refund of 100 euros with 80 euros charged to the Merchant and 20 euros charged to the Marketplace will only be executed if:

  • The available balance of the sub-merchant is greater than or equal to 80 euros.
  • If the Marketplace balance is 20 euros or more.

To follow-up on the request evolution, check the status of REFUND via a GET:

Throughout its lifecycle, a refund request can go through the following statuses:
  • CREATED: Refund request registered by the API, awaiting to be processed.
  • PENDING: Request sent to the processing chains, being processed.
  • SUCCEEDED: Refund processing successfully completed.
  • FAILED: Refund request rejected, for example due to insufficient funds on the seller's account.
  • CANCELLED: Refund request canceled.

Example of a GET REFUND response

"uuid": "16ad9da8-b9cb-11e4-97c6-b1229586dec7",
"href": "",
"created_at": "2018-06-08T12:36:56.681073Z",
"updated_at": "2018-06-08T12:51:21.241448Z",
"order": "9537e049-8862-400a-ae8d-da2ec9ca6051",
"reference": "remb000045",
"description": "Refund Mrs Smith 001",
"amount": 13000,
"currency": "EUR",
"status": "PENDING",
	"seller": "dfc42a76-10b5-421a-91cd-c288c8265c92",
	"reference": "remb000045a",
	"description": "Phoneshop",
	"amount": 12000,
	"is_commission": false
	"seller": "975e2a43-7e72-438c-a2b2-b61347aa160c",
	"reference": "remb000045b",
	"description": "Manager",  
		"amount": 1000
	"is_commission": false