Manual triggering of item payment

Normally, an item payment occurs automatically after the expiry of the delay for withholding the funds defined by the seller of the item.

The Marketplace may retain this payment in order to control when it is triggered.

Let’s take the example of a service that spreads over a period of time. In this case, the client has made his or her payment before the beginning of the service, but the seller will only receive the payment once the Marketplace verifies that the service has been successfully provided.

Then, the Marketplace:
  • upon creation of the order, indicates the item(s) concerned by the withheld payment, setting hold_payment to true:
      "items": [
            "seller": "4d20a9d4-0526-4474-b452-e936dc25418d",
            "reference": "croisiere12345",
            "description": "Boat cruise",
            "amount": 245000,
            "quantity": 1,
             "is_commission": false,
            "hold_payment": true 
            "seller": "4d20a9d4-0526-4474-b452-e936dc25418d",
            "reference": “nauticalchart",
            "description": "Nautical chart - Martinique",
            "amount": 1250, "quantity": 1, 
            "is_commission": false 
            "seller": "72ccc2ff-b455-4653-847e-deb6fee99f8d", 
            "reference": "croisiere12345com", 
            "description": "Boat cruise fee", 
            "amount": 16450, 
            "quantity": 1, 
            "is_commission": true 
  • and, when necessary, unlocks the transfer by making a POST request (without a request body) with the following address:
    POST /items/{id_item}/activate

In case the operation is successful, the request is redirected (status_code = 302) to the item details, which then indicates hold_payment: false.

  • Payments can only be withheld for cart items of a Marketplace type seller (seller with "is_marketPlace = true").
  • Once the item payment has been activated, it cannot be withheld again.
  • The hold_payment attribute is not required. On the contrary, it is recommended to omit it (or to set it to "hold_payment: null") for all items whose transfer must be handled automatically, in order to distinguish the items that have been withheld from others.