Order object

Name Description Format Mandatory Example
uuid Unique identifier of the order

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an..36 N/A 8ea5e574-e198-55d4-ba23-f9405ec4226c
href URL to access this resource

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see example N/A https://secure.lyra.com/marketplace/orders/


created_at Date and time of creation of the resource

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see example N/A 2015-01-17T09:39:54.948Z
updated_at Date and time of the last modification of the resource

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see example N/A 2015-01-17T09:39:54.948Z
marketplace UUID of the Marketplace an..36 X 6ea5e574-e198-55d4-ba23-f9405ec4226b
reference Order reference an..32+"-" X 0000123
description Order description an..255   Order blablabla
vads_transaction_id Lyra Collect transaction identifier n..6 N/A 379

Note: Field deprecated here.

vads_transaction_date Date and time of the Lyra Collect transaction in the YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format an..14 N/A 20150320094512

Note: Field deprecated here.

buyer Buyer details Buyer object X  
alias Token ID in the gateway ans..64   1144951ea7ab42989c97159b3dfc0382
shipping Shipping details Shipping object    
amount Order total amount, expressed in the smallest currency unit. n..12 N/A 50000 for EUR 500.
currency Currency of the order (ISO 4217) a3 X EUR
language Display language of the payment pages (ISO 639-1) a2   FR
capture_delay Indicates the delay (in days) before the capture Positive integer between 0 and 6 No. Only available for creation (POST) 3
expected_capture_date Expected capture date, in UTC timezone, in the YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format. Date No. Only available for update (PUT) 20180716083000
status Order status

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an..10 N/A PENDING
webhook_result Result of the notification sent to the Marketplace

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n..3 N/A 200
url_return Buyer's return URL on the Marketplace website an..512   http://www.sitemarketplace.com/return_url.html
links Links to the Items resources

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see example N/A
  "items": {
    "href": "https://secure.lyra.com/
form_token Token of the embedded form an   Example: